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There are many special offers for Märklin items available. For checking out all Märklin special offers, please download the Märklin price list from the Brands tab and search for "Special offer" which will lead you directly to all the special offers available for Märklin.


Z scale stock clearance sales

For currently all on stock Z scale items special offer is applicable accordingly to available Z scale stock:
For every full S$ 100 one will get 1% discount on Z scale items that are on stock
Minimum S$ 300 and with a maximum of 20% discount (available if still so much is on stock)

Example: In one invoice Z scale items purchase of those on stock of S$ 759 --> S$700+ thus 7% discount. One pays S$ 759 - 7% = S$ 706

This Z scale stock clearance sales is applicable till further notice or till stock has been sold


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