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Though Beem Tragel has been founded by Peter Bemers on the 22nd of January 2003 (for details please refer to Beem Tragel Pte Ltd History), it took another one and a half year before Beem Tragel went into model train business.

Model Trains are not just toys and even though it is a hobby, it is more; it is a passion and a life-time commitment!

Peter explains: "I always have been fascinated by trains. At a very young age I became a train spotter. Not too far away from the place where my granddad lived in Germany was a small bridge over a few tracks and every time I visited my granddad and the weather allowed it, I walked up to that bridge and spotted trains for hours! Pretty soon I got my first model trains from my mum when I was about seven years old. Strange though that during my late student time and the first few years of working I totally forgot this fantastic hobby, can you imagine?"

"However when I realised I missed something and that something is model trains, I felt bad about it, 'how could I ever have forgotten that?' I asked myself (and I am still asking that myself!). It happened a short while after I emigrated from the Netherlands to Singapore. It was somewhere early 2003 when I was walking around in Singapore somewhere in a small shopping centre where I suddenly saw an interesting shop. Wow! Model trains was my first thought, second thing I realised was that it was Märklin. When I was a boy I had Märklin trains too. It didn't take a long time to pickup my old hobby again!"

Though buying, collecting and operating trains wasn't enough for Peter, he wanted more: "As a young boy I always wondered where the trains came from... Sure they come from a model train factory, but how and what and... loads of questions popped up into my mind. These questions and the huge interest in model trains and the many discussions with model train fans and friends I have met once I started the hobby again, made it clear, -I wanted more- which gave me the energy and the enthusiasm to become a model train dealer in Singapore. Not serving only customers in Singapore but actually in almost entire South East Asia."

So it happened that Peter Bemers set up another business line for Beem Tragel which is the model train business since September 2004 in Singapore. Nowadays official and authorised dealer of several model train brands, see Brands and/or History Time Line.

Parked Swiss locomotives (Re 420 & several Re 4/4-II), August 2013

Parked Swiss locomotives (Re 420 & several Re 4/4-II), August 2013

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