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History Time Line

History Time Line of Beem Tragel Pte Ltd (Singapore)

22-01-2003Beem Tragel Pte Ltd has been founded in Singapore, located at Sun Tec Tower 2, by company secretary Joanna Yap. For more info about Mrs. Yap's services, please call +65 9789 8291.
2003, Q1/Q2Trading of LCDs, Plasmas & electronics between South East Asia and Middle East & Europe.
as from 2003 Q3Beem Tragel changed into a Professional IT & Telecom Consultancy firm.
2003 - 2004Telecom (Messaging) Project for Empower in the Philippines and Indonesia.
2004 - 2006Senior Unix Systems Manager and Technical Lead project at Agilent Technologies in Singapore.
September 2004 - presentParallel to this business line Beem Tragel started another business in model trains.
2006 - presentSenior Design, Architect, Planning and Technical Project Manager of projects at several leading Operators in Germany (Mobile Telecommunications - Messaging).
01-10-2008The web site of Beem Tragel Pte Ltd (Singapore) has been created and designed by Jan den Besten (Netherlands).

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