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The Beginning

Back in 2002, the owner and managing director of Beem Tragel, Peter Bemers, worked closely together with partner and good friend Mr. Paul Tan for his company MU-LCD. Whereby at that moment one of the business focuses of MU-LCD was LCD & Plasma screens. Due to the business load and business cases, it has been decided to split the activities.

While MU-LCD concentrated on the local market, entire Asia and Australia & New Zealand, Peter Bemers founded Beem Tragel Pte Ltd (Singapore) on the 22nd of January 2003. Beem Tragel has been founded to focus on the markets in the Middle East and in Europe.

Nowadays MU-LCD is still active in electronics, PCB boards as well as in home supplies and corporate gifts, please follow the link for more information on MU-LCD (Singapore) Without MU-LCD and the efforts made by Paul Tan as senior advisor and second director of Beem Tragel, Beem Tragel would not have existed then and now. Beem Tragel regrets to had let go Paul Tan as a second director by May 2006 since Paul Tan's presents where fully required at MU-LCD activities.

Import & Export activities of Beem Tragel

A real promising start early 2003 made Beem Tragel known as a trustful partner in LCDs, Plasmas and electronics, however by the start of the war in Iraq in spring 2003 by Mr. George W. Bush, made an end at this promising business.

The decision to stop the trading of LCDs, Plasmas and electronics as an activity for Beem Tragel has been made around Summer 2003.

Professional ICT Consultancy & Services by Beem Tragel

In September 2003, Peter Bemers decided to transfer Beem Tragel into a consultancy company for his activities in the Mobile Telecommunications Industry and Professional IT Services. Peter Bemers started in March 1996 in the Netherlands in the IT industry as a Unix System Administrator, up till a Senior Unix Systems Manager at present time.

Parallel, his experiences in the Wireless Telecom started in August 1998 at that time with CMG Wireless Telecom (then later merged with Logica into LogicaCMG and since early 2007 split to a company nowadays called Acision) as a Senior SMSC Integration & Migration Specialist. Nowadays Peter Bemers is active in Germany at one of the major Telecom Operators as a Senior Design, Architect & Planner and Technical Project Manager of several Messaging Projects.

In April 2008 Beem Tragel decided to have a web site to offer it's clients and agencies an opportunity to get directly information about Beem Tragel Pte Ltd and it's activities of Peter Bemers. The website became a fact on the 1st of October 2008. For the web design the professional services of Mr. Jan den Besten has been used, who is all along a good friend of Peter Bemers. For more information regarding the web & sound design services:

For more details of activities of Peter Bemers and the services Beem Tragel - ICT Services can offer you, please contact Peter Bemers.

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